Who Is T3?


History—The first Men’s T3 (Talk-Tackle-Tees) Retreat was held in October of 2003 at Mark Twain State Park with fifty-seven men in attendance. Originally, three St. Charles Lutheran Churches sponsored the retreat. These included Chapel of the Cross-St. Peter’s, Holy Cross-O’Fallon, and Zion-Harvester. Men representing these three congregations gathered prior to the retreat to discuss the purpose and goals of the event. Concern was expressed about finding ways to provide men with opportunities to grow in their walk as Christian leaders in their homes, churches and communities. At the same time, the need to provide men with recreational experiences that would serve to broaden their contacts with men of other congregations was identified as a major goal.

The St. Charles Lutheran Men’s Ministry grew to be a loose coalition of Lutheran Churches who support men’s ministries in their congregations. Peace-Wing Haven, Child of God and St. John’s-Warrenton soon began support of the retreat and men from these congregations have been active in the retreat over the seven year history of the event.

The initial idea for the retreat grew from the experience of a few St. Charles Lutherans who happened to attend a men’s retreat sponsored by Peace Lutheran of Fort Worth, Texas. This congregation is known for it retreat ministries of all types and yearly sponsors a men’s retreat at a lake near Fort Worth. Finding this an uplifting and fun activity, the St. Charles men who attended sought to create a similar experience of men in the St. Charles Area.

Philosophy— The driving philosophy for the T3 retreat is to gather men together to become better equipped to lead. The theme verse from Proverbs was chosen to indicate that men can help each other through study of the Word of God, supportive conversation, and healthy outdoor activities. Provide these in a weekend experience away from the pressures of daily life then is the goal of the retreat. It was determined early on that men must be at least eighteen years of age to attend the retreat. The original planner’s vision was that the retreat would be repeatable year after year and that it should become an event men looked forward to attending. It was hoped that teens would see going to the retreat as a sort of “right of passage” and look forward to the day they were eligible to attend.

Leadership—A planning team of representative of several St. Charles Lutheran congregations plans the retreat each year. These men begin meeting approximately one month after the retreat to review feedback from attendees and made adjustments to the program. Over the history of the retreat, new events have been added to the agenda and enhancements have been made to traditional activities. In 2008, the leadership agreed to highlight the trap shooting as a growing part of the retreat and changed the meaning of the title slightly from “Talk-Tackle-Tees” to “Trap-Tackle-Tees”. This was done to retain the traditional T3 title but highlight a growing interest in the trap shooting activities.

Several people have been active in the leadership of the retreat since its inception but new leaders emerge each year to assist with various details. The original planning team stressed the importance of having organizers do no task they would not like to repeat in subsequent years. Therefore, leaders have returned to repeat their work each year. As the number of tasks grows, so does the number of leaders.